Games expire after 90 minutes, use "*ADDTIME*" to extend a game.
Sorry, you need Java to play online.

Play an immigrant on the newly populated island of Catan. Build settlements, roads, and villages by taking commodities from the land around you. Turn a sheep, lumber, rocks and some grain into a settlement, bricks and wood into road, or try to complete other combinations for more advanced buildings and services. Take advantage of trades with other players, or at local seaports to get commodities you might lack. The first player to gain 10 points from a combination of roads, settlements, and special cards wins.

To play, enter a nickname and then either enter a new name for a game, or double click on a game in the list to join it. Be patient when you join a game, it takes a while to load. If you try to join a game, and there is someone in the game with the same nickname as yours, it won't work. Just enter a new nickname and try again.

The Settlers of Catan is a trademark of Mayfair Games. All rights reserved. The Settlers of Catan was originally published in German by Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co. as Die Siedler von Catan. Original game design by Klaus Teuber. This program is not intended to replace the original board game in any way.